Argentiere the old cable car ski painting


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After a fun day in the mountains a cruise back to the bottom of the cable car at Argentiere, just up the road from Chamonix is Christened in history and Mountain folklore. This visit was before they replaced the old and characterful cable car with a new Gondola.
The funny story of this was I had been to this resort first to paint the cable car at the top on the glacier and it was closed due to too much powder. Fantastic powder wins out on this one…. and it also meant I had to return again to paint the cable car I had missed due to too much powder, such an inconvenience….. So on my return did anyone think to mention that the builders had burned the cable car down to ashes and it was shut or rather just not there. And to shock my old sentimental heart even more the beautiful if less efficient cable car at the bottom had been ripped out all in the name of progress for a faster gondola. So here is a little memento to this lower cable car to replace the upper one I never got to. If you zoom in you will see it. I soon forgot about the cable car drought as the skiing and boarding was unbelievable and the new lift so much more efficient…. and a wonderful Nepalese guy cooking some great food over the far side of the ski area. Who needs a cable car anyway when food is this good and it gives me yet another excuse to return and see if anyone is going to rebuild it which is a very contentious topic in this resort. Why I hear you ask, well you will have to go there and ask. Acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm x 1.7cm.


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