Matterhorn from the Cervinia Side


Painting Description

A ski painting from the Cervinia side of the Matterhorn over the ridge from Zermatt. Ventina Ghiacciaio piste from the Plateau Rosa Tesa Grigia heading back down to the bottom of the cable car at Laghi Cime Blanch with the North side of the Matterhorn taking centre stage. In the view is the cable car from Cervinia, the drag from the Zermatt side and the Matterhorn as viewed from the Cervinia side with its flat top, all in some beautiful soft and abstract colours to remind you of the vibrant and colourful Italians.  I loved this side of the Matterhorn for lots of reasons but not least for the great tasting food served with a smile and so reasonable priced. Who knew a country boarder could change the way food tasted so much. All credit to Italy, I’m in love. 40 x 50cm x 1.7cm acrylic on canvas.


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