Skiing and Snowboarding in fresh powder crashes

Carnage on a new Powder Day


Painting Description

Carnage! Two days of heavy snow leaving a meter of fresh powder behind and suddenly the crowds descend, drawn in by the clear blue skies. Unpisted runs and tempting powder pockets between pistes has an inevitable draw. It really is just too much fun. Soft and smooth blankets of pristine white carpets of snow are suddenly full of adventurers. This is where as a boarder you can just cruise smugly by as skiers cross skis and head over heals, then bent double hunting out their lost deeply buried skis and poles. Its just so much easier with a board welded to your feet, you just seem to bounce off your head on an endless supply of powder cushions. But just as one problem is reduced there is another in waiting. Increased confidence leads to increased stupidity which inevitably leads to more and faster crashes. With snow up your jumper and even more down your trousers you end up looking like a snowman. Acrylic on canvas 70cm x 50cm.


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