Flaine Grand Massif Skiing Painting


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Painting Description

Lost? Heavy snow in an unfamiliar resort and this is often the result. (or familiar for some of us direction challenged ladies) Can’t see a bloody thing and all the pistes look the same. Last lift is looming and you are trying to figure out a French Piste sign built to confuse in these white out conditions. A colourful sign stands out in the grey light. Typical snowboarder can’t be bothered while Mr responsible skier tries to decipher the signs complex code and get everyone home without having to go via a pricey taxi. This was somewhere in Grande Massif or was it Portes Du Soliel, but as the painting denotes, I really hadn’t got a clue. Lovely painting in heavy texture to suit the heavy conditions. Oil on canvas 30 x 40cm x 1.7cm


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