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A really beautiful very large sunset painting of a West Coast sunset. Just settle down and relax into the calming colours of pinks, turquoises and gentle blues, as the waves gentle trickle in on the glistening shallows at the edge of the great ocean. A gentle tingling in the air a melodic rhythm to the softening pink lights emanating from the setting sun, as they glide across the endless reflections into the depth of the sea and washing up onto the sandy shores at the tips of your toes dipped into the edge of the crystal clear shore, eyes adore.  Acrylic on block Canvas 120cm x 150cm. Use the zoom feature with mouse over to check out all the details and colours PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING IS NOT CONFIRMED ON THIS PAINTING. IT IS BY COLLECTION ONLY OR BY SPECIAL COURIER WHICH WILL NEED A QUOTE. IT IS TOO LARGE FOR MOST COURIERS AND FOR DELIVERY OUTSIDE THE UK. IT IS ALSO TOO LARGE FOR MOST MODERN CARS SO DO CHECK. Please use the email order option until everything can be confirmed.


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