Wengen Skiing Painting


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Painting Description

Wengen is just one of those resorts that melts in your mouth like a wonderful dark chocolate truffle followed by a big vintage glass of port. High above the valley with no car access, the only way up is by train so all the modern day is left behind except for the ski lifts.

With the resort clinging to the edge of the mountain the views are just spectacular. The icing on this rather wonderful cake is the train station on top of the mountain, Jungfraujochright, under the classic Eiger, one of the 3 classic mountaineers mountains of the alps and has 2 of the highest train stations in Europe, and a train inside a mountain, climbing up through the mountain to reach the observatory on the glacier high above. The station was the viewing platform, and the nearby hotels, of the death but not defying climbs of the North Face of the Eiger where many climbing pioneers dramatically lost their lives in stark contrast to the comfort of the Victorian Holiday makers watching through telescopes from the relative comfort below. Some were rescued from the train tunnel inside the mountain. Back to the painting, a really interesting painting of the Jungfrau railway station with a lot of colour, flair and atmospheric skies. It looks like Lowry was in on this painting some of the skiers leaving the trains and boy it just brings back some memories. I really love the feel of this one, it seems to capture the depth of historic and atmospheric early Victorian resort.


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