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Ski Prints Collection by Pete Caswell

Val d'Isere Skiing Painting

Pete’s New Ski Prints Collection is his most admired yet and one of Pete’s favourites.

Check out Pete’s Favourite Collection of Ski Prints or Snowboarder Prints

You Can see all the Ski / Snowboard Prints here or prints listed by Ski Resort Here. Listed by Country USA Ski Resorts first, then European Alps, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland which is the larger collection.

All Prints are made by Fine Art America in the USA. and they give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Pete has one of the largest collection of Alpine ski prints in the world and was featured in the renowned – The Ski Journal.

I started off my ski prints many years ago in an impressionist style, innocent and beautiful but a little constrained. This quickly developed into broad bold strokes of pure deep colour lusciously daubed onto the pistes and trees to capture the depth and energy of feeling of the mountains, with a light nod to the impressionist painters of the 19th Century. This moved into quite a crazy period of Lowry like figures drunk on the high octane energy of the Alps before it all calmed down into some deep white textured off piste scenes and resort ski favourites with heavily texture avenues, glades, pistes and lifts cutting through the mountains.

This season I have been digging deep into the depths of feeling, the intensity, the sounds, the solitude and the cold of the mountains in the depths of winter. This started with the sketches of my favourite blizzards and snow storms of some of the best ski trips I had. Where the mountains seem to reach out and envelop you with its huge hands of peace with numbed senses, shutting down the outer life and bringing life inside into an intense glow, a sadistic satisfaction set in the rawness of the conditions. As the furnaces stoke up and the visibility shuts down, feelings are all that is left, focus, feeling, and riding with the flow in perfect inner harmony….. until bump crash and a soft pillow of powder awaits to stuff itself down your back, fill your pants and freeze your wrists. Just when you thought you had come to a standstill, you were really still moving, or at least until the moment you realised you weren’t and then you really weren’t at all. , because you were a snowman with an orange carrot nose all along.

Riddles aside this set of paintings The Skiing Feeling Collection (and Snowboarding) is the start of the exploring the colder side, greyer, moodier side of a bleak winter ski trip, but its the calm before the storm leading to the beautiful white powder blanket christened by bluebird sky days it leaves in its wake that we all long for. Within the longing are the dreams that lie in these paintings. Read here more about the Skiing Feeling Collection.

Ski Print and Ski Poster black and white
Ski Print from the Skiing Feeling Collection. – Anyone know where this one is as I haven’t a clue ?

Check out a bit more about Pete on the main website and his funny story in The Ski Journal.

or check out the Original Ski Paintings which can shipped to you in the USA.

All the prints are made in the USA. But if you live outside the USA then they are made and shipped from the closest print production facility to you. If you live outside the USA check out how to get local shipping on Fine Art America for Europe, UK, Switzerland and the rest of the world..

See all the prints on Pete Caswell’s ski print site on Fine Art America

Vintage Ski Posters The Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche Zermatt
The Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche – Zermatt Swiss Alps Under the Matterhorn.

Pete has spent many years touring his favourite ski resorts to bring these paintings to life and capture those incredible feelings we all seek in the exhilaration of the Mountains.

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