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You can only buy Pete’s stunning and colourful paintings on the website or at his studio in North Devon on the West Coast of the UK.

Pete is most well know for his unique skiing and snowboarding paintings from around the world full of life, colour and texture. Living near the coast his ocean sunset paintings are also very popular, full of colour, texture and Life. His studio is close to the famous Saunton Sands beach where he likes to surf when he is not snowboarding and skiing. To see each genre of paintings for sale select a link below. As Pete has become more popular he has released many of his paintings as affordable Prints.

Large Paintings outdoor Studio
Large Paintings For Sale


Skiing and Snowboarding Paintings

Sunset Ocean Paintings

Sailing Paintings

London Paintings


Surfing Paintings

Very Large Paintings

Pete uses bold, pure colours and textures to fill the paintings with a sense of joy and light. Combinations of bright colours in their pure form create vibrant memorable images which will the room with beauty and light. Pinks, turquoises, blues and yellows work together to construct an impression of the scene which captures not just the visual, but much of the joy, energy and feelings to captivate the onlooker. Pete is becoming a popular choice for collectors of art and paintings around the world. Don’t miss out.

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NEXT DAY SHIPPING INCLUDED.   We ship all paintings by 24hr next day delivery within UK  included in the price, fully insured and tracked, with a helpful returns policy. For mainland Europe we ship up to 70 x 50cm paintings included in the price on a 3 -5 day service  (24hr where possible). For larger paintings to Europe there may be a small surcharge depending on the coutry.

See Pete’s video channel for videos for a close up view of the paintings & studio, or take a video trip to the studio below.



New Paintings are often put onto Facebook and Instagram before they go on sale

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Pete Caswell
Pete CaswellMonday, January 15th, 2018 at 5:55am
My favourite painting of the season so far. This was a wonderful painting to do as the view is quite stunning of Lake Geneva.The previous week, I had just traveled past this resort by the train on the way back from Zermatt, so it reminded me just how beautiful this lake is.
Just to add fun onto fun, this scene really reminded me of Lake Tahoe where I have some very happy ski memories and I think this year is the one to start delving back into North America and check out the powder.
For those of you that are curious this painting is from a small resort on the East end of lake Geneva, Les Vieilles Cases run in Thollon Les Memises.
To see the current paintings for sale check out the website at
and the ski prints are at
Pete Caswell
Pete Caswell added 10 new photos.Sunday, December 31st, 2017 at 4:01am
For those of you lucky enough to visit the World Economic Forum in Davos as a paid "work event" you will no doubt really be heading there for the excellent skiing and some amazing guided off piste. I had a superb trip to Davos in some amazing conditions and simply loved the edgy atmosphere the high military presence gave to the whole ski experience which spiced up the Swiss atmosphere no end. With everyone busy in the conference it left lots of untouched powder. Keep up the good work. Here are some original paintings from Davos and some prints if you want a nice reminder.
Davos originals
Davos Prints

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