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tel UK Landline 00 44 (0)1271 816776   UK mobile  07999 809 865 (text if no answer)

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Contact for Prints

If you ordered a print via Fine Art America or then please contact Fine Art America. All the prints are all handled by Fine Art America using printers on every continent to keep shipping costs down. I have been using these printers for 10 years now and they have been pretty reliable throughout.

Fine Art America  Call 0800-014-8971   24hr helpline or see the contact page  Fine Art America

If you don’t get a satisfactory response to your print query, please email me directly

Pete Caswell Art Studio – Visits by appointment only.

The Stables, Moor Lane,  Saunton Rd,  Braunton. UK.   EX33 1HG.

For visits to the studio please call or text for an appointment. I am pretty busy these days and as much I would like to, I am not able to accommodate informal visits. 

Or you can book to stay in The Gallery Lodges
You can now stay at The Gallery Lodges, run by Pete’s wife, Luxury Hotel Style Suites set in the 6 acres of meadows surrounding the Art studio. Each lodge is decorated with Pete Caswell original art.

Or you can stay in the Art Studio which is full of Pete’s ski paintings to really immerse yourself into the ski scene.

Enjoy the beauty of the local area and a relaxing weekend break. As a guest you can arrange to meet Pete and get a tour of the gallery. Check out the area and the lodges –

Ski prints and ski paintings by Pete Caswell
Ski prints and ski paintings by Pete Caswell

Directions if you have arranged a visit. From Braunton take Saunton Road B3231 towards Saunton. After 3/4 mile turn left off Saunton road into Moor Lane.(signpost to Moor La Nursery) Take first entrance on right after 50m onto our entrance drive and park up and call Pete. To avoid disappointment please make sure you have made a prior arrangement to visit as Pete is not always available for impromptu visits.

Ski Paintings and Ski Prints by Pete Caswell
Ski Paintings and Ski Prints by Pete Caswell

“You really get a feel for the paintings seeing them collected together in the studio.  They create a fantastic atmosphere.”

Nearby you can visit Damien Hirst’s famous 65ft high bronze clad statue at the harbour, Ilfracombe in North Devon. It is quite an amazing site to see this stunning statue of a pregnant women set against the stunning North Devon coastline and Ilfracombe harbour. While you are visiting

Stay in the new art studio
Stay in the New Art Studio hidden in the trees.

The Old Art Studio set in 7 acres of hay meadows. Its a big place with lots of studio spa

55 thoughts on “Contact Pete Caswell

  1. Hi Pete

    I love your paintings and I really love the large gold leaf sunset one. Are there any galleries in London which have it so. Can see it before I buy it? If not I will purchase through your website.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Camilla,
      Thanks for the comment. I will send you an email shortly about the paintings.

      1. Hello Pete,
        I love your art, particularly the skiing and sailing paintings, although so far I have seen them on your site only.
        Do you have more paintings from around Megève?
        Detail: may I suggest correcting a typo on your site? You make a reference the piste de la Saulire (Courchevel, Méribel), which is misspelt as Saliure.

  2. Hi Pete, would you be able to email me the sizes and the prices of your Verbier collection please.

  3. Hi Pete
    I’m interested in buying one of your larger paintings but would like to see it in person. Any chance you will be up in London this side of Christmas?
    please email me

  4. Hi Pete

    I am interested in buying a green sunset print. Can I buy this from the UK or does if have to come via the US?

    1. Hi Laura. If you are in the UK the print will come from the UK or Europe so thats ok. If you order a print which is an acrylic print then i think this comes from the US so not advisable, but a plain print is ok and a framed on is ok. Just to check you will see on the final order in the shipping where it ships from. Note If you email me you will get a quicker reply

  5. Hello,
    I am purchasing 4 large prints from fine art america. They suggested that I contact you for a promo code to use. We absolutely love your work.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Kerry,
      Here is a code to give you 40% off. It only gives you the discount off my commission. The price Fine Art America charge is fixed unfortunately.
      The code is CELVAG If you want any more help send me an email of pm on facebook and you will get a quicker reply.
      Best way to save money on the prints is to just order the print and then get it framed locally.
      Thanks Pete

  6. Hi Pete

    We are looking for some artwork for our ski appartment in La Tania and wondered whether you have any new pictures of La Tania or the Three Valleys?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      I have 3 new 3 valleys paintings which should be ready on Sunday, so I will send you a photo of them. The rest of the 3 vallees paintings from last season are at ….. The closest to La Tania is ….. Prints of 3 vallees are at …. This is also a new painting but is not on the website yet …. Let me know if you need any more help. A cheap way to do the prints is to order just the print and then get it framed locally, then you can take it to La Tania in a tube and then get someone to frame it at Moutiers or Albertville. Pete

      1. Hi Pete

        I am interested in purchasing one of the original oil paintings. Do they come framed?


  7. Hi Pete

    Do you have any/plan on doing any paintings of Kitzbuehel or Mayerhofen?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Sarah, funny you should ask, but its in the plan to visit those 2 resorts this winter, any tips on the best places? The only Austrai resorts so far are St Anton

  8. Hi pete. I want to buy a print for my partner for crimbo. The print i would like is only available as a painting. Are you able to do a print of it for me please? It is this one…..
    Aiguille Percee 3 man Chair Snowboaring Skiing Painting Tignes
    £495.00 thank you xxxxx

  9. Hi Pete
    We’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in the Three Valley’s and I’m interested in your “Views from Sailure Meribel and Courchevel” (£950). Can you send me some more info – I’m assuming it’s an original? What frame does it come in? What is a typical delivery time?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rhys,
      the painting you enquired about is listed on the link below. It is 80cm x 80cm and 4.5cm deep oil on block canvas so the image goes round the edge of the canvas so there is no frame needed. If you do need a frame you can purchase a frame for this deep canvas or a floater frame from a good frame shop. I don’t do the framing as it gets too complex via email. I send them within the UK by 24hr courier included in the price. As long as the courier behaves it arrives next day about 90% of the time. My number is 07999 809865 if you need more help

  10. pete we are thinking of coming down to have a look at your paintings, possibly the weekend after next (13/14 October) – can you tell me if someone will be there, and when the studio is open

  11. Hello Pete.

    Love your paintings.
    What is the largest size you have of ski motive, print or painting.

    Regards Helge.

    1. Hi Helge,

      The print will go up to 60 inches about 150cm wide below.

      The original is here 110cm x 60cm + frame

      Other Tignes paintings also other resorts. Max original paintings size 120cm.

      Thanks Pete

  12. Hi Pete,
    Fantastic paintings, I’m sure we have sat in similar places attaching bindings and watching the piste unfold below us in The 3 Valleys and Tignes. On you Grande Motte chair lift small painting Page there is another Painting below it of 4 boarders strapping in, is this available to buy? Thanks,

    1. Hi Mark Did you mean this painting … If you did yes this is available either as the original for £950 or as a print in the back catalogue If you order the print please read the info here about shipping
      If you didn’t mean that painting please send the link of the correct one. Cheers Pete

  13. Really love your paintings and would love to buy one of the Flaine prints as a Christmas gift but I can’t afford them are their any lower cost prints of Flaine or the Grand Massif available ?

    1. Hi Louise,
      The prints are listed below.
      The prints for Flaine are here … This site has 25% off 29th Nov to 2nd Dec …. Read my notes on the first link if you order off this site about shipping.
      Cheapest way to order is to order a print and hang as a poster or get it framed locally. Also on with free shipping

  14. Hi Pete, I have just ordered some snowboard/ski greetings cards. If possible could it include the Tignes Val d’Isere Greeting Card and Megeve. We are snowboarders and like Austria so more snowboard than ski would be great too if possible. Thanks Jayne

  15. Hi Pete,
    I love your artwork! My husband and children are passionate skiers and we all find the colors and scenes of your paintings remind us of different times we have been on the mountain. Do you paint custom pieces?
    Thank you,
    Darcy Johnson

    1. Hi Darcy,
      Thanks for the enquiry. I do do one off commissions as long as it is something that is suitable to my style, preferably similar to one I have done before to make the choosing process simpler. They start at £500 for a 40 x 30cm and work out for the bigger ones similar to my most recent similar paintings in terms of price. If you want to go ahead then drop me an email.

  16. Hello Pete,

    I hope you are well and safe in this crazy, unprecedented event.
    I live in Scotland, Uk and have admired your paintings for a number of years.
    I would like to try and buy a painting for my husbands 50th Birthday which is on the 19th May 2020.
    Questions I have…
    1. do you deliver paintings to Scotland? Or is it just prints?
    2. If you do deliver painting to Scotland In the current ‘lockdown’ are you still dispatching paintings, and will I receive it for 19th May 2020
    3. Ideally I would like to get a painting of the three valleys for the last 11years we have always had at least one holiday per year in La Tania or Courchevel 1850. thus if you have any new paintings for these areas not on your web site I would be really interested in seeing them .

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for the enquiry. Yes all is quite normal hear and we a re enjoying all the peace and amazing weather by the beach where the studio is.
      Still operating as normal except I am working slower due to the sunny weather.
      We are still shipping either with Royal Mail or Parcel force so that’s all ok and I assume they can still cross the boarder to Scotland so that’s ok also. Usually takes a couple of days to send and best to allow a few for the courier but we only send out on 24hr services.
      The paintings from the 3 valleys are
      All Paintings are here

      and just in case you have need a cheaper one here are all the paintings in price order

      Let me know if you need any more help.

      Thanks Pete

  17. Hi Pete,

    Can you contact me about your Zermatt paintings please?

  18. Hi Pete
    Your paintings are stunning. Do you know what the story is now with shipping to Ireland? Thanks! Carol

  19. Hi Pete,
    I bought two of your large sunset paintings in 2012. I actually came up to your studio to buy one and ended up with a 2nd. They have brought me a great deal of joy. I was just reflecting on the beauty of them and how they inspire me and help me to meditate and ponder. I simply wanted you to know how your artistic talent has brought me great joy. I felt prompted to write this note and thank you for being faithful to your giftedness!

    1. Hi Matt,
      Thanks for the comment. Nice to know they give such a wonderful effect. A lot of the sunsets are based on some energy paintings I did in India which you might like to look at in these links.

  20. hello, my name is mark, i live on the coast of maine,usa, i have a 66×34, oil painting, large frame in very good shape, signed—p. caswell, x-mas 66. let me know what you think. thanks mark.

    1. sorry Mark, it is before my time. Sounds like a big painting

  21. Hi Pete, we are looking to buy an original painting of hopefully snowboarding in Les Arcs for my friends 60th.
    We would have around 400 to spend.
    Do you have any examples available?
    Her birthday is at the end of May
    Many thanks

  22. Hi Pete
    I love the Kitzbuhel Oil painting.

    We were ideally looking for something bigger around 80 cm by 80 cm. Do you have anything similar that sort of size or can we order the Kitzbuhel oil in a larger size?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Below is the link to all the ski paintings in price order.
      Larger paintings of that size start to appear in the list above about page 7 to 11 and onwards depending on the work and age of the painting.
      That painting could be done larger on canvas in acrylic at 80cm x 80cm. It would be similar but not identical and be about 6 to 8 weeks. 
      That particular one is oil on plastic paper is 47 x 34 and £495. When mounted and framed would be approx 63cm x 39cm. I don’t do the framing though.
      Approx cost would be about £950 + shipping.
      Here is an unusual one which is also good value at that size.

  23. Hi Pete I tried to email you but your email above doesn’t work, I am interested in both ski and north Devon art. Can you email me
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for the comment. Do you want to let me know which you are interested in. You can send links to the paintings to show me.

      If you get any more problems with the email please call or text me on 07999 809865. or pm on

  24. Hi Pete,

    Do you still have Verbier: cabana du Mont fort lunchstop painting?
    WE live in Holland.
    Thank you and kind regards Caroline

    1. Do you mean this painting ?
      This one has sold, but I did love it and would consider painting a similar one.
      The originals for sale from Verbier are here.
      Let me know if you need more help.

      1. Hi Pete,
        Yes that one:) we just been there: like always super restaurant.
        How big is the painting and how much will it cost of you have to make it? We do live in the Netherlands:)
        you can also email me at
        Thank you Caroline

  25. Hi Pete,
    You very kindly showed us your paintings last week and we have decided we would very much like to look at Saunton sunset beach painting for our home in Westward Ho!
    Let us know when it is convenient to come.
    Kind regards
    Neal and Lesley

  26. I just ordered a painting from the USA. I used Apple Pay. I wanted to touch base about shipping . I have been eyeing your art for awhile and follow you on Instagram.
    Thanks Rob

    1. Hi Rob, Thanks for the comment. I got your 2 orders this morning for the paintings. I will send you an email about the shipping which is currently free to the USA and both would ship together.

  27. Hi Pete,

    Love the look of your paintings! I’ll be in a North Cornwall the week starting 30th January and would like to book an appointment to visit your studio. Can we arrange an appointment at some point that week?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Matt, I sent you an email. Re week of 30th

  28. Pete. I love your work. We have a place in Aspen and would like more detailed info on your original paintings and sizing. We need a few larger pieces. Would you mind email me?

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for the enquiry about the paintings.
      The larger paintings are generally about 100 X 80 cm stretched canvas and range from $1200 to $3000 incl shipping.

      I have also been using 110 X 74cm art paper which is shipped rolled and would need framing and mounting.

      I have a set of 4 of my favourite ski paintings 100 X 80 cm stretched canvas in progress at the moment which should be completed in a couple of weeks.

      I will be starting a few new large paintings which I think are about 140cm wide and 150 + long on canvas, shipped rolled. This is to alow me to paint some larger canvases and still ship them to the USA. These will be shipped as rolled canvas and would then need stretching onto a frame locally by a frame shop which is quite easy. 100 X 80 is the maximum size that can easily be shipped as a pre stretched canvas to the USA. Bigger is possible but the cost is prohibitively expensive.

      Currently the only large Aspen painting is

      Let me know what you think and I will try and help further. I am skiing in Italy, Cortina until Tuesday which is stunning and providing some excellent scenes to paint.

  29. Hi,
    We’ve stayed in the gallery lodges before and loved the peace and space. Love the look of thr slightly larger gallery.
    Please could you E mail me for prices and availability this summer
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Nicola,
      Thanks for your message. Here is the link to the calendar on air b&b
      Its cheaper if you book direct though by emailing me.
      Currently its set for a 3 night stay from Thursday or Friday over the weekend. I may do longer stays later in the year.

  30. Hi Pete – just love your paintings – we are really great fans of Obergurgl and in particular The Nederhutte – we have been going there two or three times a year for nearly 30 years. It’s my husbands 70thy birthday in March and I wondered if you had any original works of Obergurgl or The Nederhutte currently available? I don’t live far from you – at Newton Abbot – so could always come up to you to have a look. We are of course celebrating at The Nederhutte!!

    Kind regards

    Debbie Breed

    1. Thanks Debbie, I sent you an email with some options

  31. Hi There Pete,
    I would like to purchase a canvas print of Lake Geneva from Thollon les Memises which can be mounted to the backing board, so no frame. How do i go about ordering as everytime i think ive done it the value comes up in USD.

    Help Please

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