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Pete Caswell in the French Alps
Pete Caswell in the French Alps

Pete Caswell is a popular and established international artist. He travels the world in search of inspiration for his paintings. The driving force behind all of the paintings is the joy and pleasure in life. The art work is designed to be uplifting and joyful to look at. Many of the techniques Pete has evolved over many years of experimentation in the physical pursuit of pleasure and the spiritual searching for inner joy. As Pete has traveled the world he has captured the nuggets of pure pleasure with camera and canvas.

Ski Paintings and Ski Prints by Pete Caswell
Ski Paintings and Ski Prints by Pete Caswell

Each of these amazing experiences are transferred onto canvas. Using a variety of semi abstract techniques, Pete draws together all the triggers and memories which recreate these special moments in our minds. It is this combination of techniques from the physical to the spiritual that give these paintings such a depth of feeling and joy.

Sunset Paintings and sunset prints
Sunset Paintings and sunset prints

Much inspiration has been drawn from the extensive travels around the globe. Pete first began selling art in India where he lived on and off for 4 years with many successful exhibitions. Here Pete began painting local spiritual scenes selling to the international tourists at these special sites. This long immersion in spiritual India later led to the Energy Series of paintings which forms the basis of many of the more recent paintings you now see. These paintings focused on techniques to capture the nuggets of the joy we feel when we are happy and to stimulate these feelings using the construction of the images on the canvas.

Pete taking a break from Painting in the South of France
Pete tacking a break from Painting in South of France

Most of the paintings use these energy techniques and combine them with the high octane pleasure of dramatic holidays and locations around the world – Surfing, Skiing and Snowboarding, Classic Yacht Sailing, Tropical Islands, Beach Sunsets. The paintings use subtle visual triggers from our favourite holiday locations to create feelings of freedom, happiness and upliftment which we all treasure so much in modern life.

DSCN0063Since those bohemian days in India Pete has returned to England. In North Devon he has set up an extensive studio which is the main base for his paintings during the warmer months. Set in 7 acres of meadows near the coast at Saunton the studio provides an inspirational environment which is a real treat to visit. Here the air is full of the sounds and scents of the ocean.

Pete spends much of his time focused on his paintings from the mountains with skiing and snowboarding the main focus. He spends much of his winters travelling the worlds best ski resorts and was recently featured on the front cover of the Ski Journal where his paintings were published.

The paintings are all about joy, pleasure, pure happiness. – An expression of joy – There are no miserable bits, no exploring a hidden dark side or repressed childhood. This is all about pure unadulterated joy in as much depth, concentration and exhuberation as I can get to flow off the end of the brush. However I can achieve this, and through whatever medium and technique, this is the absolute and only target of the work. If my work doesn’t make you feel good, I’ll give you your money back.

All the works are intuitively created into a mesmerizing blend of colour combinations which  fall off the brush and create onto the canvas an uplifting and captivating scene. This combination gives a moving and exciting feast for the eyes which will give you many years of interest and joy. The bigger the painting you can afford the better.

Ski Posters and Ski Prints
Ski Posters and Ski Prints

View Pete’s Paintings for sale.

Follow Pete and see the new painting releases in his blog.

Check out where Pete loves to spend the summer painting in his North Devon studio just over the dunes from the dramatic Saunton Sands beach. Hopefully this gives you a flavour of where many of the paintings are created. This is from the old studio from few years ago while Pete was painting a series of sunsets based on the coast next to the studio. You can stay at the studio in one of the Lodges in the fields. www.thegallerylodges.co.uk

Pete Caswells paintings signed P. Caswell are becoming increasingly popular.

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