This ones just a bit of fun but it can make a great cushion design or some unique ski cups

Colour and Textures Impressed Together

Pete’s paintings are full of colours, textures and life, giving an impressionistic array of shapes and colours to remind you of your favourite places. Take a look at all the textures and colours in some of Pete’s favourite paintings.

Ski Prints and Ski Posters
Ski Prints and Ski Posters

Not every painting is coloured and not everyone full of texture. Some paintings focus on the neutral colours to force those few bright colours to pop out of the painting. Some go even further into the cold bleak conditions of the middle of January to focus on the snowstorm landscapes where even the colours have to go inside for a coffee. Others are on various papers to create flatter swirls of colours and shapes to look at a different view of the mountains.

All the paintings have one thing in common. They are all a bit crazy. The people are a bit on the silly side and the life and spirit of life is caught full on to pull at a few of the lighter string of life to make you smile, laugh, or just glow inside when you remember those special feelings in the mountains and the oceans.

Zoom in close to the paintings and look at how the colours interact using mouse over on the prints and the original paintings. View the paintings for sale and you can really zoom in to see the details and textures. Click on the painting you like, then once selected click again for full screen view, then click again to zoom in.

Follow the Blog to see more of Pete’s comments on his painting style, new releases and collections.

As time has passed all these wonderful techniques have all merged into a very inspirational and instantaneous style of instant fun and laughter in his wonderful collection of ski paintings where all the styles have merged to draw you in ever closer to the fun of the mountains and the ski slopes.

Check out some of the details, textures and colours on the most popular ski paintings in this ski video of 4 or 5 of the most interesting paintings

2 thoughts on “Colour and Textures Impressed Together

  1. Pete,
    Can you frame your paintings? Or do they come stretched over a wood frame and you hang them that way? Iā€™m interested in a rather large painting.

    1. Hi Melinda, it all depends on the paintings but they can all be framed. The deeper canvas 4.5cm deep would need a deep moulding frame. Paper ones need to go behind glass.
      Some are stretched onto timber but can then also be framed. Some are on board and some art paper. In the description with each painting it tells you at the end.
      If its a large painting shipped to the USA then for the larger ones we have to remove them from the timber frame to ship them to keep the costs down.

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