Aspen Ski Painting


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Painting Description

Ski painting from Aspen Colorado based loosely around Ajax Express on Aspen mountain. One of the most wonderful moments is just before the powder arrives. Sat on the lift as the storm moves in. The flakes getting heavier and bigger all the time and the mountain getting emptier as the light level drops the air freezes and inside is this wonderful comforting warm glow as you await for bliss to arrive by the foot full and provide heaven on earth. Will it be today or tomorrow for some fresh tracks and the hope of blue skies in the morning. Alone on the lift as if you were the only ones in the mountain. Even with pants stuffed full of powder its still awesome. A painting full of neutrals which makes the oranges and reds of the skiers pop out. Acrylic on canvas 70cm x 50 cm x 1.7cm. Use the zoom feature to check out the detail with mouse over.


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