Courmayeur and Mt Blanc Oil Painting


Painting Description

Courmayeur and Mt Blanc Oil Painting from the Italian side. This is a wonderful oil panting capturing the atmosphere of the Mountains with great colour flow and texture. This painting is from the skiing and snowboard resort of Courmayeur looking down onto the glacier comming off Mt Blanc and the peak of this famous mountain up to the right. The pistes of Courmayeur can be seen in the middle left of the painting with wonderfully coloured trees in the foreground. Courmayeur is on the other side of Mt Blanc to Chamonix. This painting has lots of different textures for all the different elements. It was based on 2013’s epic powder season. The jpg of the painting really does not do it justice, it is so full of colour and texture it is wonderful. Oil on block canvas 80cm x 80cm x 4.5cm with the painting going round the edge of the canvas.


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