Saunton Beach at Sunrise from the Surf Oil Painting


Painting Description

If you are a keen surfer you will know what happens when the surf is up for the next day, gentle off shore wind clean waves and the blue skies. Panic may set in, the crowds, the other surfers, my parking space and the dreaded thought of missing out on that all important first wave of the day. Is 3 am too early to set off? I could go on, but relief is at hand, you can stare at this very colourful scene of the sunrise at Saunton beach imagining you are there in the rather empty line up as it has only just ticked past 5.30am. Some of you may have been unable to sleep at the thought of missing out on this perfect surf day landing in peak season…. worse than missing an international flight…… but it’s ok, breath deeply and stare at the painting, you are there, the waves are perfect, 3 to 5 ft with a 20 sec gap. And most unusual, the road to Saunton has been closed due to an escaped herd of crazy cows, so you are the only one there in the line up. Its like a dream. You made it effortlessly out past the crashing surf as the rip was running perfectly down the rocks effortlessly sucking you out to sea . So there is now all the time in the world to relax, enjoy and take each perfect wave without interruption, no drop ins, no worries. All this in a painting, can you believe it.  Oil on board 94 x 57cm with a simple white frame. Ps, print is available.


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