Schooners Gaffs and Sloops of the Caribbean in Crimson and Yellow


Painting Description

This is part of a really great set of colourful and lively paintings I painted while I was in Antigua. They are based on the classic workboats which sailed the Caribbean seas. Schooners, sloops, Gaffs, Cutters and Luggers, Carriacou and just plain old workboats. 32cm x 22cm oil on high quality plastic paper. This paper gives the colours a nearly luminescent feel as the white from the paper glows through. The slick surface of the paper allows for a very free style as the oils can be moved freely around the paper without damaging its smooth tough surface. There are 10 of these paintings in total and a further couple in the larger size of 34cm x 48cm. They would make a great gift and come mounted but not framed.


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