Turquoise Putsborough Painting for sale


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Painting Description

I can’t say a lot about this one, but is is just gorgeous. It just evokes the memory of the sea with its loose style flowing colours and beautiful turquoise and blues melting into one another as the waves ripple into the sea. Just off shore is a wonderful glassy little 2 ft break great to glide along toe edge on your long board. This could be any beach you fall in love with, but this one is based on Putsborough beach on the West Coast of England where the sea is crystal clear, the sand golden and the air full of nothing but the sound of the waves. This is just over the headland from Pete’s studio in North Devon and he often takes a walk round here for a dip in the sea and surf and then a coffee in the cafe above the beach. Paradise… Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 100cm x 3.5cm with the painting going round the side of the canvas


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