The Skiing Feeling


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This should be a familiar sight and who would think one that brings up such warm and cosy feelings of bliss. Heavy snow, icy snow, howling winds, visibility none, toes and fingers numb but who cares it feels great.  This was just a simple idea I played with and its on a piste I know well where you can get really lost in just a few metres but its just so exciting and at the end of this short 300m run is some off piste deep powder or an unpisted section which is just heaven and never seems to get skied out in a storm…..I wonder why? Its a simple sketch with a lot of snow, just playing around with a simple idea and see what happens. 30cm x 21 cm acrylic on canvas paper. Mounted but not framed.

This painting is from The Skiing Feeling Collection – When the mercury hits past extreme cold and the colours vaporise, ice burns your cheeks and snow stuffs up your coat and down your pants. Even the trees are shivering without their coat of colour. You know the place when you can’t see a bloody thing, could be no where and everywhere. Heavy snow total mist and deep powder on its way. Cold bleak blacks and whites but inside it glows and nothing beats it. Some might say these monochrome neutrals are sophisticated, more grown up than my usual colourful and crazy ski paintings….. but they are just cold, so snowy, past freezing that no colours are left, life sucked out, here in the bleak descending colds of a deep January blizzard, and yet somehow this is the fun we seek, madness gone past crazy to insane. This is part of the collection of 10 of these paintings to bring the feelings of those special days back as best I can. Acrylic on paper with mount unframed. 38 x 46 or 36 x 48cm.
If you order from outside the UK they will be shipped without mount to keep shipping costs down. Please email for a shipping quote.


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