Val D’Isere Cafe


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If you have had children at ski school then odds are on that you will have had lunch here with them at this cafe above Val d’Isere and just over the hill from Tignes. One of my favourite stops. The coffee is well priced. Its below the timed slalom. Are you getting warm yet. There is a nice little off piste gully exiting to the right. Its a wonderful friendly spot with smiling waiters. Yes these ones do smile. And the foods good. Coffee is ok by like I said its well priced so that passes the test. Along with the Sun cafe well below in Val this fits my artists slimline pocket, smile meter and taste buds, pretty good for France, so I give it top marks. And sunny all day and no waiters to move you on. Wow, you must be getting it now….. For Snowboarders you might know it as its next to the Snowpark. Okay then if you still haven’t got it, try at the bottom of Borsat chair and that’ the last clue I’m giving. Great fun painting with lots of 3d textured paint and crazy people in it. Can’t help but remind you of a ski day. Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 80cm x 1.7cm.


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