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Ski Painting Commissions

I have done many commissions over the years of all sorts of sizes and styles of many different resorts around the world. But if you can find a painting which is currently for sale then this is a much simpler and cheaper option.

The prices work out very similar to the same size painting of my most recent works and a similar level of detail or time it takes to complete plus a little extra for the extra admin and work involved. Due to the time involved in researching a commission the minimum cost for a commission is £1500 (unless it is a similar repainting of a previously sold painting / piste with minimum changes)

I have an array of photographs from most of the main resorts in Europe and quite a few in USA to base the paintings on or you can use one of you own photographs if it is suitable.

If you have some photos of the family in their ski gear then this is a fun addition to put them in the painting. The figures are usually quite small so mostly it is a case of just matching their ski colours.

The best starting point is first to check you like my painting style and then take a look through the prints site to find 2 or 3 paintings that you like. It is best if I can base a painting on a previous painting and style. This makes it much easier to paint something you will like.

Once I can see that the commission is possible and I am confident you will like it, then we can start looking at size of painting, proportions and if you want it framed or unframed and if you want it on block canvas or a narrow canvas or board. Its best if you can frame the painting at your local framers as this is a personal choice. I usually use a simple white block frame if you do want a frame.

There is usually a waiting time for the commissions and a small non refundable deposit to pay between £100 and £300. Before you pay the deposit I will let you know when it is likely to be complete. When the painting is complete then you will be sent a jpg of the completed painting and the remainder is paid if you are happy with it. If I am painting family members in then I usually email a jpg at this point to check I have the correct colours.

The price includes UK shipping but extra would be payable for shipping outside the UK and shipping needs to be arranged before the commission starts as some large paintings can be difficult to send outside the UK.

There is no maximum size for a commission but as they get bigger they do get more expensive. The biggest constraint is shipping, especially outside the UK. A sensible maximum size is approximately 100cm x 80xm. 120xm x 100xm is ok to ship also but outside the UK I would have to check. 120cm x 120cm is currently a UK maximum but it is pricey to pack and ship. Above this size it gets harder to find couriers who will take it and so it would mean a custom delivery by van or on canvas which can be rolled to ship.

As is normal with art work, the artist retains the copyright for the commission and we may use the image for prints in the future. We allow the owner to make small prints or cards from the image for their own private use but not for any resale, profitable use or for any commercial use.

For commissions outside of the UK there are shipping costs and also Import duties and taxes. Original paintings are usually free of import duty but Sales tax or VAT is usually applied at the port of entry into your country above a certain threshold. For Switzerland this is currently around 8%.
The USA has various sales taxes depending on the state and various thresholds. Above $2500 you usually will get charged a sales tax. below seems to vary depending on the state. There is a generous minimum threshold for sales tax in most US states. We unfortunately can’t undervalue the art purchase price to reduce the tax as we have a tax id number for exporting and it has to be correct. Due to current regulations we now insist on the purchaser providing a valid tax id or social security number for the US Customs to avoid the paintings getting held up at customs and causing delays and extra processing charges. This also applies to most other countries now where our couriers need t to complete the documentation correctly to enable a swift passage through customs and is a condition of sale.

One of the latest ski painting commissions
One of the latest ski painting commissions from Grand Massif
A bit smaller commission from St Anton
A Ski Painting Commission from Val Thorens