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The Ski Posters from Pete Caswell’s Ski Art are listed alphabetically by ski resort poster, grouped by country – starting with USA, then Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy. The ski posters are shipped worldwide but please read the info below if you live outside the USA to make sure you get local shipping.

Pete’s amazing ski art includes ski resort posters, snowboarder posters, ski lift art posters, favourites top 30 ski posters, black and white ski art posters, chair lifts posters drag lift posters, ski mugs

If you live in the USA and all prints will ship from the USA. Go to International Ski Posters Site.

If you live in the UK please just order canvas prints, posters, flat unframed prints, metallic prints and cards as these all ship from the UK. (More on this below) – Go to International Ski Art Posters Site.

If you live in Switzerland or outside the EU. If you are ordering from Switzerland then your prints will be either printed in the EU, UK or USA. You can see the country of shipping in the final checkout stage. The US will have the highest shipping charges so to avoid the US shipping order prints and get them framed locally. This will be you cheapest option and minimise Swiss sales tax also. Canvas prints and most framed prints will ship from the EU or the UK. Most imports into Switzerland seem to attract sales tax of 7.7%.

If you live outside of the Europe & USA your prints will be printed & shipped from the closest location to you. Best to just order a print which can be rolled to keep shipping costs down and frame it locally especially if you are ordering a large print.

Ordering Prints from the UK. If you are ordering from the UK please just order either canvas prints, unframed prints, posters, Metal Prints, cards as these are all printed in the UK. If you choose to add a frame please read below.
Post Brexit we have done a test order for the framed prints from the Netherlands and it came through to the UK without any extra customs charges. It took about 2 weeks so a bit longer than pre Brexit. So we are now saying its still cheaper to order a print (which can be rolled) and get it framed locally but if you want to order a framed print then its ok to use the international printer so long as you select the frames shipped from the Netherlands and not USA (most now ship from the Netherlands). You can check where the order is shipping from in the final checkout where there is a flag next to each item and the shipping cost.
PLEASE can anyone ordering a framed print tell me if you get charged UK VAT on your order when it reaches the UK so I can update the info here. Go to the International Ski Art Poster Site which is operated by Fine Art America.

Shipping on International Print Site Costs. If you read the info above you should get local shipping or as close to you as possible. But if you order a big print it can still be expensive. The cheapest way to ship a print is to order a flat print on its own which can be rolled and this is much cheaper especially for larger prints. Shipping is done on volume especially for air shipping. Once you go from a rolled print to a print + mount or frame etc then the volume goes up hugely and even more when you add in the extra packing to protect a frame. So big prints framed shipping costs are not cheap so if you have a good local framer you will save costs and be able to choose your frame better and less risk of damage. Go to the International Ski Poster Site which is operated by Fine Art America.

The International Ski Art Print Site (Back Catalogue) hosts the entire collection of Ski Prints and other Sunset Prints available by Pete Caswell and will ship globally. It has lots of size options and allows the image wrap around the edge of the canvas on canvas prints or you can just order a print and frame it locally. Its a great print site as long as you read the info above. Fine Art America handles the ski posters from the Back Catalogue in USA.