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Love to Ski Whistler

If you love to ski Whistler in Canada, then you might just love these ski paintings by Pete Caswell.

Pete is an International Ski Artist who paints the best ski resorts around the globe. Pete has stayed in all the resorts of the 3 Valleys over the years to make unique paintings of each.

You can order his ski prints from his UK print site For just 3 Valleys prints try  Whistler Ski Prints

Or buy an original ski painting from the current collection at Or just check out the Original Ski Paintings from Whistler

Pete’s paintings are getting ever more popular and now is one of the best times to get one of his paintings while they are still affordable with prices from just a few hundred up to a a couple of thousand pounds.

For a bit more choice you can order off the international print site which has the full back catalogue of the paintings from this ski area. See shipping info and then go straight to Whistler Ski Prints

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