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New Paintings For Sale Blog

Sunflower Painting For Sale
Oil Paintings for sale
Oil Paintings for sale

New Paintings for Sale Blog

This new paintings for sale blog is where you will find all of the new paintings for sale as they are released and information about all of the paintings you can buy on the web site. Check out all the large and colourful oil paintings for sale as they are painted.  The blog is split into 4 catagories;

New Painting For Sale  – where you can find the new paintngs for sale as they are released and stories about ehir creation.

About the Paintings – information and stories about Pete’s art work, style and paintings

Skiing and Snowboard Paintings – During the Ski Snowboard season Pete focusses on painting the ski resorts and slope of Europe and here you can see the new ski / snowboard paintings, trips and resorts Pete will be painting during the season

Press Releases and Stores. If you want an article to feature Pete Caswell in the press, web site or blogg, these are copy free and you can obtain jpgs of his paintings by email request.

You can see Pete’s previous blogs on facebook. and his twitter account

Large Paintings outdoor StudioEvery painting has a story and achieves an effect. Read all about your favourite oil paintings on the blog and find out what makes them work and what makes them happy. Built into each painting are subtle techniques to make your day happier and more uplifting. They raise you spirits and make you feel good.

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Painting in the sun again. Can’t wait for summer again.



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