Avoriaz Portes Du Soleil


Painting Description

One of my favourite places at the top of Chavanette Chair. Sat in O’Padcha was a real treat with great big pots of HOT tea a rare treat in France, smiling waiters and great food. As if this isn’t enough the DJ set in the afternoon just takes me back to Ibiza, Pacha and Cafe Del Mar. So if you can’t choose where to go in the Summer this places gives you both. Watching this lift come in was sort of hypnotic, don’t know why but it just had a lovely flow to it with the people getting on and off. An unusual style for me, using blacks for this cloudy day with the sun just breaking through. When the cloud is down, the colours and light is just sucked out of the air leaving a cold monotone landscape barely there and then as the clouds lift, the bright colours of the skiers and boarders start to glow and then pow the sun cracks the clouds and life and spirit flood back in. And for us powder addicts you can finally see all that amazing powder to blast at full speed. Oil on canvas with lots of texture 70cm x 50cm. This is a really interesting painting if you zoom in to see all the detail.


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