Coupe Du Monde Val D’Isere II


Painting Description

This is a really wonderful painting from just above Coupe Du Monde Val D’Isere. Its a really powerful mix of blues. Earthy ochres make up the buildings down in the valley with the main town of Val d’isere in the distance. The trees lining the piste are scratched out of the paint to give them their skeletal winter presence and the skiers are carved out of the paint just like carving up the piste and make for a great pattern in the foreground. It reminds me of the end of the day when the skiers have all descended and all that is left are all the memories of all the great fun you had on the piste that day. What a feeling. Oil on canvas 40 cm x 50cm x 4.5cm with the painting gong round the edge of the canvas.


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