Grand Masiff Ski Painting

Grande Massif Flaine and Samoens Pistes


Painting Description

Snowy Ski Lift Painting Grande Massif. Remind you of anything? Are you like my wife and I, the lonely couple out in the blizzard with zero visibility, powder down your neck and trousers, frozen, can’t see a bloody thing, no idea where you are, but you just have to keep skiing, only warmed by the occasional coffee sneaked with a touch of spirit. Is there anyone as daft as me out there, because I never see you when the conditions are like this. Even if you were there, I wouldn’t see you as my goggles are full of snow and that is if I have’y planted my head 2 foot deep in the nearest unexpected drift. I may even still be there. Important this is only a small painting 23cm x 16cm so don’t order a big print as it will not blow up well. I think this was the Bergin Chair but as I really couldn’t see where I was going it could have been any chair in the Grande Massif except for Flaine as you really could see less than nothing up there. Acrylic on Block Canvas 50cm x 40cm x 4.5cm


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