Snowboard & Skiing Painting Mt Fort Verbier


Painting Description

Skiing and snowboarding painting below Mt Fort in Verbier or to be precise just above Siviez. This is based on a photo I took in 2012 after an epic snowfall an we had all of the mountain to ourselves. We skied track after track above Siviez in the afternoons without a soul in site after a morning spent up on the peaks and the glorious off peak descents. This is a colourful abstract panting in oil on canvas 100cm x 80cm with lots of texture to go round. Oranges and blues predominate with a hint of turquoise and yellows and reds. Full of fun. Skier in the foreground with a boarder in the bottom left looking on, or is he waiting for the skier, having a rest, or scouting a better route through the trees. Who knows?


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