Snowboarding mugs

Snowboarding mugs featuring Pete Caswell’s stunning ski paintings are a stunning way to absorb yourself into the fresh off piste scenes and crazy pistes while having a cup of coffee even during the height of summer.

snowboarding mug boarder mugs
snowboarding mug boarder mugs

These special snowboarding mugs can help you cope with winter snow withdrawal symptoms. Do you get the summer blues or suffer from lack of winter snow syndrome. These mugs might just be the answer to you problems. Drink from them year round especially during the heights of summer when snow is scarce and you should find you will soon feel like you are snowboarding again in the very depths of a powdery winter.

Snowboarding Mugs Boarder Mug by Pete Caswell
Snowboarding Mugs Boarder Mug by Pete Caswell

If you are a skier then there is a special set of ski mugs for you to remanis about winter as you sup your morning coffee.

snowboarding mug
snowboarding mugs


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