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Flow Ski Paintings from Verbier

Verbier ski poster ski print above Nendaz

This is part of my new series of flow paintings from the mountains. These very special paintings are not just trying to capture a moment, a feeling in a point in time, they are all about the flow of the mountain pistes. From top to bottom, the lifts the cafes, the circuit from the top of the mountain and then after such a perfect powder run you head back to the top again for another go. But when and where do you fit in the morning coffee to give those legs a rest and reminisce about all that fun.

The first, a really crazy ski print from Mt Fort in Verbier Switzerland. The most epic of off piste centres at the top of this incredible mountain. Three cable cars converge and culminate in this remarkable bit of marked off piste from the ridge down onto the glacier and then follow another epic descent down into Siviez. This is a bit of an unusual painting as parts of it go round the edge of the canvas in miniature to help create the flow of the piste.

Verbier Mt Fort Ski Poster
Verbier Mt Fort Ski Poster. Sowing the sides of the canvas where the painting goes round the edge.

Round the edge of the canvas there are some mini extras to bring the flow to life. At the base is the drag (Gentianes) from the end of this route off Mt Fort back up to the mountain restaurant at the base of the Mont Fort Cable Car at Col des Gentianes. Round the corner to the left is a miniature of the 2 cable cars and high above the Cabane Restaurant. But hang on there are 3 cable cars there going up to Mt Fort if you count them not 2. This place is one of the only places in the world where 3 cable cars meet and that is pretty special and with all that off piste underneath. This is just a little nod to the unusual here which is why it is one of my favouite places in the world….and this one of my favourite paintings… just takes me straight back to this piste in perfect conditions.

To the right are skiers tracking across to get some fresh tracks further across the mountain heading down to La Chaux. They are so far away they are tiny and a bit tricky to see on the image above but they are there on the bigger canvas. You can use the zoom with mouse over to see them on the print site

The main piste or powder run has lots of crazy skiers, boarders and crashes to keep you amused for ever and remind you of a blast of a time cutting through all the soft pillows of powder.

Here it is photographed in slightly different light to show you all the crazy textures and atmosphere.

Under the main cable cars off the side of the canvas is the Cabane Restaurant which is a wonderful off piste adventure to get to for lunch, high up in the mountains and reminds me of the very special traverse to get there for a very special meal in a very special place, so high, perched up on the rocky outcrop just below the summit.

Take a look closer on the print site and use the mouse over to zoom in on some of the tiny details.

Next painting in this series is off down the Col du Tortin trying to bring this epic off piste adventure to life.

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