Skiing and Snowboard Books – New this Season

If you are a keen skier or boarder then these ski and snowboarding books make an ideal gift and add a touch of colour and glamour to your coffee table. There are a few snippets of skiing & boarding stories to go along with some of the paintings as well. I get a lot of people contacting me asking for help choosing a print or an original for their skiing / snowboarding friend which can be great fun and 99% of the time I get it right. These new books particularly the luxury book and the larger book of paintings below can make a great gift and take all the headache out of choosing the right print.

There are 3 different sizes of book available. There is the hardback book roughly A4 size or 21 x 26cm, 52 pages approx. £24 and a larger version at 33 x 28cm, 52 pages with heavier weight paper approx. £70. You can order them directly from the printers below.  You can preview the book before you buy it, then select the size book you want and order. The big book isn’t cheap, but they are just expensive to print that size in small print runs and I sell them at close to cost.

If you really want a treat then I have made a A3 size luxury full colour book with heavy weight art paper, photographically printed pages and lay flat binding. If you want to really impress your coffee table then this is the one to go for. Its still in the design studio but I will post a link here as soon as it is complete. Likely cost will be approximately £150. Due out in September.  Email me to go on the waiting list. If you can’t decide on which painting or print to buy as a gift then this is a great alternative

 Hardback roughly A4 size or 21 x 26cm, 54 pages approx. £24

Ski & Snowboard Paintings
by Pete Caswell

By Pete Caswell

Larger hardback version at 33 x 28cm, 54 pages with heavier weight paper approx. £70

Ski & Snowboard Paintings
by Pete Caswell

By Pete Caswell

Painting & Poetry books from the early days.

Some of my older books can be purchased on or or from the links for each book below. If you want a bit of history or your are interested in spiritual poetry then take a look at these books. Back in 2004 to 2007 I spent a lot of time in India and the paintings and spiritual poems reflect this. They are all in soft back full colour and cost approx. £15.

Paintings Book from 2008

(Left) Pete’s new painting book of all his most popular paintings up to winter 2008. Full size colour prints of paintings BookCover paintingsof 8 x 10 inches. Click on book to purchase from Pete’s shop on Amazon.

Spiritual Love Poems & Paintings from 2010

Pete’s Poetry book from 2010 packed with over 80 pages of full colour with colourful backdrops, paintingModern impressionist abstract Colorful CONTEMPORARY Energy painting of the Indias and the famous spiritual love poems. This book follows on from the popular Mind Cracker book below. If you want to see all of the energy paintings and the most recent paintings of the ocean, sunflowers and poppies, then this book has all of the most recent paintings. (Right)

Pete has been writing his beautiful poetry books adorned with his wonderful colourful paintings since 2005. They make a great gift for people who love art, wonderful, colourful and uplifting adding another dimension to the paintings.

Mindcracker Spiritual Love Poems and Paintings from 2005

Crack your mind with this inspiring book.A truly beautiful and inspiring book, challenging the dominance and hypocrisy of our mind centred world, prompting us to live more in the heart and trust our intuition. As we move from our mind to beautiful modern contemporary paintings oil paintings SPIRITUAL POEMSour heart we learn to live in the present and let go of old patterns and fears to embrace life. Beautiful vibrant colourful paintings by the author illuminate the pages. Riddles of life, mind and soul reminiscent of Rumi’s poems and Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching’s texts inspire the reader.
84 page full colour book, full colour paintings, 8inches x 10inches. (Left)

Pete’s most recent photo book of the famous Amartithi celebration in central india at Meherabad. Full colour 8 x 10 inches of full sizebRIGHT COLORFUL MODER PHOTOGRAPHS OIL PAINTINGS FOR SALE GALLERY photos documenting the pilgrims arrival at Meherabad and the contrasting peace of Meherazad. Wonderful photos of the dhuni celebrations and the pilgrims arriving by train, bus and foot. Culminating in the 15 minutes of silence at midday. (Right)

Pete has been a professional photographer since the 1980’s selling his photographs of his travels and books around the world.

Pete on a photography in India.
Pete on a photography assignment in India.


Photographing Seclusion Hill in central India
Pete Caswell Prints For Sale.


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