Nederhutte Obergurgl Austria Ski Painting


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Painting Description

Nederhutte Obergurgl. If you have been here you may not remember. And if you think you haven’t been here you must have had a great time on the tables. Great music, wonderful food and lots of beer. Loved my evenings here after a long days skiing and boarding. You may have seen the daylight sober version of the Nederhutte on the print site. But this painting is all about what happens late afternoon if you are daft enough to head through the front door of this place…tired legs and a lack of food, naively tempted to go inside, a couple of beers or strange cocktails later and I think you may know the rest as one thing inevitably leads to another. This is a bit of a crazy painting and a bit wild, so do check you are fully sober and use the zoom feature with mouse over to check it out before you decide to buy it. Acrylic on board 45cm x 57cm x 1.7cm framed


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