Vintage skiing print and painting St Anton

St Anton Skiing Painting


Painting Description

This is one of those chairs which goes on forever and then finishes right on the peak of
Schindler. The best bit is near the top where you feel like you are climbing amongst the rocks and then wow the cable car Valluga I goes overhead. As if this wasn’t quite amazing enough suddenly to the left the mountains fall away showing you some great powder descents through the rocks but its tricky very tricky. And then into the shed and you dismount to pop out the other side to a great view of Valluga ahead. WOW.
I visited this St Anton just after the new link to Zurs opened so piste 85 was really an important part of the trip being the main piste to the Flexenbahn to open up the rest of the ski area. Early morning it was a great sight to see all the keen skiers racing down piste 85 to Piste 100 ready to complete the great tour and Run of Fame of this epic ski area before lifts close. Part of the Piste 85 to Piste 100 collection St Anton. A really great painting from the Arleberg, subtle and semi abstract. Oil on canvas 80cm x 80 cm x 1.7cm


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